Cartoon Friday – ZOMBIE PARTS!

Friday cartoon fun time! Lets go ZOMBIES!!! Bits fall off of the Undead all that time, and usually end up with a life of their own! Just look at these characters!

Links to stickers, t-shirts and everything else HERE for Society 6 and HERE for Redbubble!

Zombie Dead Hand - Rock Sign Sticker Cartoon Michelle Still Artist

I’m so far behind with all the art stuff, the idea of killing off my old nickname for everything meant that I am now deep into uploading everything back on some sites that wouldn’t change my user name (Redbubble and Society 6, I’m looking straight at YOU!). I didn’t realise how time consuming it would be. But on the bright side I got the see some of my older creations and that’s brought a smile to my face! Hopefully if I get a numb backside this weekend sitting at the computer I should see the light at the end of the tunnel here! Zombie Fingers - Female Rock Sign Vamp Sticker Cartoon Michelle Still ArtistZombie Fingers - Green Victory Chicken Hand STICKER Cartoon Michelle Still ArtistZombie Fingers Purple Halloween Cartoon Illustration Michelle Still Artist

Linky link links….

Society 6 –

Redbubble –

TeePublic –

Etsy –

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